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January 15, 2021 | Kevin Gates

How Do Electronic Patient Forms Help in Improving Healthcare?

Although paper forms help us share and record information of all types for different types of operations, yet in this era of digitalization, we don’t need paper forms anymore. The web age has allowed us to replace physical papers with other technologies such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones to store and share information. Among these transformations, the most prominent creation is paperless forms. This is why besides other industries, health sector has also embraced this change and started using digital patient forms for gathering patient data.

These electronic new patient forms enable them to practice and run their facilities more efficiently. Also, because of this solution, you can have more accurate data about your patients and your staff will have more time to handle other operations. You will be able to get patient data in advance. All in all, the digital forms help you provide better healthcare to your patients. This is the reason why most healthcare units are upgrading their offices to paperless offices. Continue reading and this article will walk you through all the technicalities of these electronic forms and the way the captive portal tool is managing patient data. 

How Paperless Patient Forms are Better than Paper Forms:  

The advantages of using digital new patient forms go far beyond the environment-friendly concern. Let’s analyze some of the many reasons to choose digital forms over traditional paper-based ones.   

Paperless Forms Can Enhance the Efficiency of Your Organization: 

The use of paperless medical forms makes the information and documents of all patients readily available at your fingertips. It is true that patients dread long wait times at medical clinics. And by going paperless, your front office will save a considerable amount of time trying to accommodate every patient. Hence, this will certainly increase favorable patient reviews along with improving office productivity.     

Digital Forms Save You a lot of Time:    

A paperless form is a tremendous time-saving tool for both dental staff and patients. Getting rid of paper can help you in saving your precious time and in decreasing the operational costs of handling patient data. Furthermore, by using paperless forms, manual data entry errors are reduced to a minimum, and the data is processed more quickly. Additionally, with this solution, you will no longer waste time on printing, scanning, and shredding forms.  

Automated Forms Allow You to have Quick Access to Your Files:   

When you store your office files electronically, your workflow becomes much more efficient because of the quick access you have to your documents. With the process of digitization, you no longer need to do sorting through filing cabinet folders. You can easily find any file you are looking for by searching through the database so that you can save your time and the time of your patients.

Programmed Solutions are Convenient in Filling out Forms:    

Patients can take full advantage of this convenient approach of filling out forms from anywhere and everywhere with the help of their mobile phones. Completing forms at home before coming to the dental office ensures patient comfort and peace of mind. Additionally, patients can also e-sign the forms because of this digital solution.

Electronic Forms Create Long-lasting Impression over the Patients: 

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression; a high-tech, efficient and paperless office ensures an overwhelming response from the patients. Adopting digital technology improves your office's appearance and keeps it clear of desk clutter and overstuffed file cabinets. And all this helps in creating a good impression on the patient.  

Paperless Forms are Completely HIPAA Compliant Secure Solutions:  

Paperless medical forms are secured forms that meet HIPAA requirements for collecting sensitive patient information. Additionally, the captive portal tool of digital solutions blocks clients from accessing the network until user verification has been established. So, the patient forms are totally encrypted and stored on uniform servers to protect the sensitive information of the patients. 

Digital Forms are Customizable Forms:  

These paperless dental forms can be tailored made to suit your office’s specific requirements. With customization, you can incorporate all the required fields and checkboxes into the paperless forms. Furthermore, according to an estimate, you can save up to $400 per month on both stationery and labor costs by opting for paperless patient forms. 

Final Thoughts: 

Since the advancements in technology and the evolution of the internet, things have taken a big turn. Manual operations have transformed into digital operations and paper forms have changed into digital patient forms. This new change has made things much easier for the industries and also improved their efficiency. Furthermore, the satisfaction of the clients and the patients has also improved a lot. If you wish to automate your healthcare facility and enjoy these benefits, choose  Veerchual. because we are the best automation service providers.