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October 31, 2021 | Kevin Gates

7 Ways to Make Your Small & Medium-Scale Medical Facilities Excel During COVID-19 

Unfortunately, the stats show that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit small and medium-scale businesses harder than large scale businesses. What’s worse is that there is no exact estimation of how long will the pandemic stretch before finally coming to an end . Therefore, the small and medium-scale medical facilities need to buckle down, reassess and make changes to their business strategy in order to weather the storm (and beyond).  

This factsheet will guide you about the things you should do to make your medical facility continue working safely. We have jotted down 7 steps that will help medical facilities prevent COVID-19 from spreading in their workplace. 

Implement a Secure System of Staff Attendance: 

In an effort to make COVID-free workplace, you should implement a contactless staff attendance system that can be accessed by mobile phones. Also, this system should be capable of payroll management, reporting different issues, timesheet management, and vacation tracking of the employees. In short, this software system should be competent enough to manage the staff of the company.     

Effectuate a System that Facilitates Patients with Digital Forms Submission:  

Transforming the process of taking manual forms from the patients would be very helpful in controlling the spread of COVID-19. Installing a system with which patients can connect through their phones, fill the forms required to get registered in the medical facility, and submit without any physical involvement would keep your office safe from COVID-19 to some extent.    

Enable Patients to Make Online Appointments: 

To curb the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace, it would be better if you implement online appointments of the patients in place of manual appointments. Furthermore, you should confirm and remind patients about their appointment through text messages.  

Submission of Covid-19 Related Questionnaires Online: 

Patients, prior to arrival at the medical facility, should submit a COVID-19 related questionnaire. Staff will then allow the patient a walk-in on the basis of the provided information. Staff should communicate with and update patients via text messages or secure emails. It will surely help in restraining the spread of COVID-19.  

Ensure Contactless Uploading of Documents, IDs & Insurance Cards:  

There must be a system where patients can upload any documents and images with the help of their smartphones when waiting in the waiting area or prior to coming to the office. This way the staff will not have to scan or make copies of the IDs and insurance cards. They will have more time for some productive tasks. Additionally, there will be fewer chances of error when an automated system is dealing with things.    

Place a Secure and Certified Emailing Module: 

With the help of this secure emailing platform, staff will be able to communicate with one another and with the patients. Less physical involvement means more chances of inhibiting the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace.    

Bottom Line: 

There are some general precautionary measures recommended by WHO for all individuals to follow like wearing a mask, staying six feet apart, sanitizing your hands every now and then, and avoiding travel unless it’s essential. Everyone must follow these guidelines but these are not enough to stop COVID-19 from vandalizing your workplace. You need to follow the above-mentioned viable ways to control the flow of COVID-19 into your health facility. 

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