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Veerchual is a turnkey modular service introducing automation in medical offices. These services are fully customizable and all you have to do is to sign up in order to start using it.

Digital Patient Forms

Contactless Uploading of Documents, IDs & Insurance Cards.

Upload any documents and images over secure connection right from smart phones to the Veerchual portal by patients prior coming to office.

  • Secure HIPAA certified communication portal
  • No need to bring IDs and insurance cards
  • Spend time on more productive tasks

 Digital Forms

Integrating HL7 Data According to HL7 Standards

We follow all the HL7 standards, rules and regulations for sending and receive data like patient forms, patient records, laboratory record, and billing information.

  • HL7 integration to EMR with platforms like Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Allscripts, athenahealth and eClinicalWorks)
  • Maximizing use of EMR and EHR
  • Minimizing duplication of HL7 data

Veerchual HL7 Standards

Medical Patient Forms

Transforming total process of medical patient forms to automated electronic process using patients' smart phones.

  • Digital signatures and electronic submission
  • Connection to EMR over our free HL7 platforms
  • Reduced human error

 Digital Forms

Electronic COVID-19 Module

Fully customizable, managed, digital Covid-19 related questionnaires to save and process patient information before arrival.

  • Receive live notification along with patient responses
  • On demand invites via text messages
  • Communicate with patients through secure emails

 HL7 Standards

Contactless Digital Signatures Using Patients' Smart Phones.

Capture digital signatures on any form or document electronically to reduce human error and intervention resulting in better productivity.

  • Send privacy policies digitally
  • Expedite patient registration process
  • Turn paper process digital instantly

Digital Patient Forms

Unique, Secure, HIPAA certified WiFi Solution

Fully secured HIPAA certified WiFi solution for medical offices to improve office technology and enhance network security.

  • Fully customized login page for WiFi
  • 24/7 management and support
  • Omnidirectional access points for improved performance

With Veerchual, you can increase your revenue through positive reviews & likes on social media

Patient Forms

Secure and Certified Emailing Module

HIPAA certified emailing module for smooth communication between patients, staff, and doctors. Users can send, read, and organize email messages through the portal easily.

  • Access to any IMAP mailbox
  • Email encryption for security
  • No problem with multiple mail accounts

HL7 Standards

Powerful Marketing and Money-making Tool for Small to Medium Sized Offices

Predefined campaigns to engage with your patients. Display promotions and new services or offers to help improve your office issues.

  • Easier access to patients
  • Build patient loyalty and positive referral
  • Accurate monitoring to determine campaign success

Real-Time Capture forms maximize responsiveness in office flow

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A turnkey modular service with the following capabilities. These capabilities can be customized to your demands; you only have to sign up for what you need.

Seeing 50 patients a day means daily 50 likes on Facebook or 50 Google reviews. Resulting 1000± likes in a month, and substantial online traffic.

HL7 Forms
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